Can one survive without the other?

This exhibition of collaborative works reflects the intrinsic relationship between art and community.  Student artists are matched with professional artists to develop a concept and create the work.

The purpose is to provide opportunities.  Opportunities for students to work with established artists to create work and show in a gallery.  An opportunity to bring outside artists work into a university gallery. An opportunity to add to the discussion regarding art and community through artworks and with a multitude of voices.  Voices of artists both early in their career, and mid-career.  The community is invited to come experience these artworks and be inspired to continue the discussion beyond the walls of the gallery space, and hopefully give greater consideration to the ways in which they appreciate and support art.

2018 Artists Autumn Brown, Steffanie Halley, Dan Harris, adam Lanman, Mandy Messina, romy owens, and Marissa Raglin

2016 Artists Autumn Brown, Dan Harris, adam Lanman, Mandy Messina, romy owens, Marissa Raglin, and Josh Vaughn

 Katie Pendley co-curated the 2016 iteration.


Scorched Earth: Subversive Ceramics

In this turbulent time in our society, what is subversive to one may not be to another. Ceramics are often viewed as utilitarian, and not considered political art. When given the mission to create cups that either subvert the form, or provide subversive messages, what will appear?

May 2017 at The Paseo Plunge.



Nothing lasts forever. 

For this exhibition, artists Cassie Stover and adam Lanman were allowed to draw on the walls. They created a series of line drawings that developed over the course of the six month exhibition. On August 2, National Coloring Book Day, the community was invited to come into the Invited Artists Underground Gallery to give color to the artists' drawings, much like a wall-sized coloring book. 

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the walls were painted, and the art erased.

romy owens was the lead curator. The exhibition was presented by Downtown OKC, Inc.